The Tow Team Warning System® makes it easy to protect your investments and your reputation while moving valuable aircraft and equipment safely and without damage.

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Meet SAM

Standby Attitude Module for your aircraft!

This unit is a 2-inch Attitude, Altitude, Airspeed, Slip, Vertical Trend, and Heading information display.

From single-engine aircraft to jets; this standby instrument has got you covered!

Learn How the Tow Team Warning System can help you!

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QUESTION: What do Major Airlines, Large Government Contractors, NASA and many others have in common?

ANSWER: They all love our Tow Team Warning System!

Listen to what they have to say…

“We have used this system for three years and in the cities we use it, we have seen a 50% drop in aircraft tow incidents!”

- Major Airlines (Worldwide)
“We have been very pleased and surprised at the reliability of the TTWS!”

“We have documented aircraft damage ‘saves’ using this system; particularly in inclement weather situations such as snow, rain etc.!”

- Major Airline
“We are using your Tow Team Warning System throughout our facility for aircraft moves. We have been extremely satisfied with the system.”

- Large Government Contractor

Just a few of our Satisfied Tow team Customers: