At Airelectric Inc., Quality and Customer Satisfaction is what we are all about!

“We are excited to offer this outstanding system. I am confident that you will be satisfied with our design and workmanship. I guarantee it!”

- Dave Momquist


For over 30 years, Dave Momquist has been working in the aviation industry in a variety of capacities.  He has used his decades of experience and know-how to develop this unique and reliable system.

  • Major airline avionics crew chief for over 25 years.

  • Manager over electrical shop that engineers and produces wiring harnesses for 777, 737, MD80, DC-9 and various other aircraft.

  • FAA Certified Airframe & Powerplant Technician

  • FAA IA - Maintenance Inspectors Authorization

  • FAA Repair Station owner/operator

  • Worked in the aviation industry in both airline and general aviation capacities.

  • FCC General Radio License

  • FAA Licensed Commercial Pilot AMEL, ASEL

Authorized Dealer of the following: